Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prayers are Answered

Doctrince and Covenants 19:38 "Pray always, and I will pour out my Spirit upon you, and great shall be your blessing"

Since I have become a member of the church there are many times I have wondered "Where are the women like me?"  Why can't I find women I can truly relate to and learn from?  Yes, we can learn something from everyone and I do get along with women generally.  What I am talking about are the deeper connections to women.  You know, those women who come into your life and it seems like you must have known them in the pre-existence or something and almost everything seems to click. 

I have a hard time relating to women.  Once people find out I cloth diaper, don't circumcise, exclusively breastfeed, tandem nurse (I don't mention that in public), use herbs, don't go to the doctor with every illness...the list goes on, it sometimes seems like that's where the friendship doesn't progress any more.  That doesn't mean we aren't nice and polite, but it never seems to get any deeper.  Each ward I have lived in I have been able to make at least one "deeper" friendship and I am so happy to have those women in my life.  Women I can talk to and not be judged.  Women I learn SO much from and make me re-question things and give me a drive to be healthier and give my boys a healthier life. 

There have been a few times that I have broken down to J about this and wondered why I haven't been able to find women to connect with, why aren't there any women that are on the same page?  We are all different, I get that.  Why aren't we more outspoken about the things that are passionate to us?  With these women I can be passionate.  I can cry about my boys' births and all of the many decisions that J and I have made while raising them.  I can raise my voice with the frustration I feel about the way our country is headed and they know it isn't directed at them.

If you haven't found anyone around you that thinks the way you do.  Think again and pray.  The Lord will bring them into your life right when you need them.  I hope this blog will help you know you are not alone in your thoughts.  There are women like you--we just don't live in the same ward.


  1. I am loving this little blog of yours!!

  2. Thank you! It is new, but I hope I will find some women I have things in common with!...Like you! :)