Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wintertime Illnesses

Sick Deddy

There are a few standards in our house for when we get sick.  They differ depending on the sickness and my "feeling" at the time.  I always like to say a prayer to know how best to help my family and I feel like I am usually drawn to one or several of the methods below:
Colloidal Silver: some people think silver is a crock.  It works for us.  My niece contracted hand, foot, mouth disease and was over at our house just before being diagnosed.  We all took silver liberally and none of us contracted it.  Sometimes all a sore throat needs is a little bit of this and the cold never progresses.
Elderberry tincture: great for sore throats, strep, colds, flu. Antiviral and antibacterial-it is a great remedy. 
Kyolic: this is a very concentrated garlic product-supposedly odorless (I can smell it a little).  We prefer the liquid form: it is easily hidden in juice or tea.  This can even be taken as a maintenance measure.  You can find this among the garlic products in the health food section. 
Echinacea tea: antiviral/antibacterial, This been had been studied scientifically and is proven to shorten the length of the flu. It tastes amazing and my kids like it even without honey.
Raspberry Leaf Tea: this is my "go-to." Sore throat, cold, flu, fever.  This tea is also antiviral and antibacterial,  contains many minerals and vitamins, including calcium, and we drink a lot of it in our house.  J and I prefer this tea cold. 
I never sweeten tea with sugar.  We almost always use honey or nothing at all.  I have given my kids tea from the time they drink liquids other than my milk and I think because of that they rarely turn it down. 
Dr. Christopher says to be wise in how you offer tea to children and they'll learn to like it.  I know this isn't true for all people-J being one of those who still doesn't like tea-but even he has come to appreciate it.
Learning to care for myself and my family has been rewarding.  I love being able to help our bodies "help themselves."


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  2. I am all about helping my family. We haven't purchased any over the counter medicine in years, too many to remember. We use essential oils mostly and I credit that for neither of my girls ever being on antibiotics, which my doctor says is a miracle. When we first brought Flower home from China we took her to our doctor to give her the once over and make sure all was well. She then didn't get sick enough to ever visit the doctor. When we returned for her prekindergarten check up 3 1/2 years later he assumed we'd started taking her somewhere else and asked where he could have her records transferred from. He couldn't believe she hadn't seen a doctor at all. Now same with River. In 5 years she's gone twice. The second time I second guessed my instinct and ended up being told exactly what I already knew and wouldn't use the antibiotics prescribed anyway. Both the girls love our neti pot too. We haven't used tea because I don't care for it but I know it has such wonderful benefits that I should reconsider for them.

  3. My cousin calls it omamacare. :0)