Friday, December 27, 2013

Detoxing After a Trip

We love cheese. 

We don't use cheese or other dairy while we are at home. 

When we travel, we eat cheese...sometimes a lot of it.

This Christmas vacation we had our fair share of cheese.  My favorite veggie sandwich from a bakery called Simply Divine in Logan owned by a Belgian man.  With radishes, spinach, carrots, jalapeno jelly, olives, onions and cheese, it is wonderful!  Pizza, mashed potatoes full of yummy cream cheese, 7 layer dip, soft cheese balls, more veggie sandwiches, treats...the list goes on.

Anyway, as you can see, we do "splurge" while on vacation.  By the time we go home we are more than ready to eat normally again and our bodies are done with the stress (aka bloating).

Here is how I detox my family.  It differs in the summer slightly-keep in mind I have a 3yr old, 2 yr old, a 28yr old, and I am nursing-so a full out detox is only available for one person in the house, and I just don't take the extra time for him, so he does what we do...for the most part:

*A day of rest. No school, no major cleaning.  Laundry, books, preparing and eating better food and sleep.
*Spinach (or any green your body can handle) smoothie
*Light breakfast (usually for us that is toast)
*Raspberry tea-for everyone (except the nursing baby who gets the benefits from my milk)
*Hearty bean soup for lunch (onions, spinach/kale, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, some spice and veg broth)
*Healthy dinner

J also drinks some Yogi peach detox tea, or stress relief tea. 

When we get home and get back into our regular routine, everyone's bodies respond pretty quickly and we are back to normal in a few days. 

If you need a more intense detox, see Dr. Christopher's 3-Day-Cleanse. 

Asleep (and sick!) after a full week of eating:

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