Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Letting Rico learn responsibility is hard.  It is harder I think for me than it would be for him.  It is way easier to pick toys up myself, put his clothes on him myself, carry him to the car, etc. 

I have been making a concerted effort to allow him his time with getting things done.  I am not perfect!  I am not good at this every day!  However, he has finally learned to dress himself.  Underwear, socks, pants, shirt.  Everything but the jacket.  He does a really great job and he was SO proud of himself the first time he did it--he is still proud every day he does this.  I have been trying to make him pick up toys before moving on to another activity.  This is probably the hardest thing because he changes his mind so often.  Lately, we pick up toys before lunch/nap and again before dinner and then the final time before bed. 

Deddy is now sleeping in his room so now it is THEIR room.  The first night Rico was excited the crib was in there.  Then when we were walking out of the room and not taking Deddy with us, he became upset.  He calmed down after J told him that he once shared a room with his brother.  He talked about that for a few days and seemed to think he was pretty cool to be able to share a room with his own brother.  Each night they play.  And by play I mean Rico hides under the crib and takes Deddy's bear and then throws it back into the crib.  They laugh for a long time before they finally decide they are too tired and both pass out in odd positions.

We were planning to do a floor bed with Deddy but, because he hasn't learned the stairs yet, and Rico's door is open to allow him to use the bathroom at night, we do not want him falling down the stairs.  I think when he can walk and use the stairs we will transition to the floor bed.  Also, Deddy needs to be able to fend Rico off of him when he is getting too rough.

Deddy still acts so much like a baby and is going to be one year old in a couple of weeks.  They both develop so differently and I LOVE that Deddy is still my little baby.  Rico was an adult at 10 months--so having a little baby longer is perfect.

During the week we clean something together nearly every day.  Rico is helpful.  He helps carry laundry, dust, sweep and vacuum.  I will try to get pictures of this soon.  Having a schedule has been very helpful.  I feel like I have time to clean, cook, play, read, etc. 

Our LOOSE schedule:
7:30-9: Do lesson from the nursery manual (HE LOVES THIS), read scriptures, get dressed, eat breakfast.
9-10: Clean
10-11:30: Play, books, walk. (Deddy usually naps at this time so Rico and I have one-on-one time)
11:30: Lunch
12:00-2ish: Rico's Nap, one-on-one time with Deddy
2-4: Play, walk, bake/cook
4-5: Pick up toys/make dinner
This has really helped me be a more productive mom and has actually helped me feel like I get to play with the boys more often which is what they need most anyway.  But I don't have to feel like I am neglecting my other responsibilities of keeping a nice home and making delicious food.  I should have done this a LONG time ago.  So while I'm trying to teach Rico responsibility I'm really only teaching myself...or it's Heavenly Father teaching me responsibility. Yes, that must be it!

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