Friday, October 19, 2012

Lovely Yarrow

I have a few favorite herbs, yarrow is one of them.

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I was introduced to herbs mainly through my wonderful mother-in-law.  Wait, did I just say wonderful and mother-in-law in the same sentence?  Yes, yes I did.  She had some experiences earlier in her life that led her to herbs and alternative forms of medicine.  She gave me a few herb books which I love and can't live without.  Dr. Christopher's Herbal Home Health Care and Maria Treben's Health Through God's Pharamcy.  I love both of these herbalists.  They both give credit to the creator.  The Lord is the one who made these wonderful herbs and I believe there is an herb for every illness.  Herbs are mentioned in the Bible; I love the Doctrine and Covenants verse from section 89: "...all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constiution, nature and use of man--"
Yarrow is a wonderful herb, and especially wonderful for women.  Maria Treben says that if women would take this herb once in a while, they wouldn't have "women problems."  It helps with too heavy/light of a period.  It is also great for fevers and kidney problems.  It is great for healing wounds. You can drink an infusion (1 tsp per cup of water). You can chew some of it for a toothache. 
If you haven't tried any herbs for your ailments, give yarrow a try during your next cold!

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  1. I also love Yarrow, but for a different reason. My mom has always grown it in her yard. :)