Saturday, October 6, 2012

Books Books

I loved reading when I was a child.  Then I started school...and I grew to hate reading.  I disliked being told what to read.  I LOVED being able to go to the library at school when we could choose our own book to do a report on--I read Wait Till Helen Comes more than a few times--and Nancy Drew and Box Car Racer books--oh I loved them!  I took a hiatus from reading for, oh, about 15 (?) years.  I finally started loving books again.  I have tried since Rico was born to read a lot to him.  I want him, and all of our children to love reading and to never lose that love. 

I've been made fun of because I don't really read the typical books: mystery, spying, romance, etc.  I love herb books.  Specifically, I love books that talk of how herbs have healed.  I never grow tired of reading about the miraculous things that herbs can do in a body.  I love Maria Treben and Dr. Christopher.  I also do occasionally read novels.  Jane Eyre was the most recent, but that was back in late winter.  I also read a lot of Montessori/parenting books.  Latter-Day Liberty is an amzing book that I read and think that all LDS people should read.  Hopefully it will motivate people to be more active in politics.  This summer I have been focused on cross-stitching because I am trying to accomplish a young woman value (divine nature) before Christmas.  I think I'll make it in time (more on this in another post). 

Back to books...Rico has had his spark lit.  He wants to read books throughout the day.  I try not to pressure him to read and if he doesn't want to I don't think I've ever forced it.  He now sleeps with his books.  He has a pile in his bed and he reads himself to sleep and reads before his nap time.  It is so wonderful to watch and I'm hoping that because we are homeschooling he'll have a better shot at not growing tired of reading.  I hope that I can help this new found love of books to flourish and that he will choose books that make him want to be a better person.  At 2, this may be difficult.  But at 10, 12, and 14 I think it will be so fun to watch. 

He is already 2.  That means in less than 6 years he'll be baptized.  Wow.  I can still feel the total elation I had for him the day he was born and somehow it has only increased--I never thought it was possible!  Family does bring the most joy in life!

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