Friday, March 14, 2014

Standing while Montessori-ing

My friend sent me a post about boys,  and their energy level. If you haven't heard or experienced it.... it's high!  Rico is also a spirited boy (which deserves its own post).

Anyway, I have read post after post, and seen countless pictures of little boys sitting and doing their work. Am I missing something? Do these mom's (or dad's) snap the photo at the precise moment?  Are these boys sitting nicely for long periods of time?  If not, where are the posts about it?

I'm putting it on the world wide web for all to read: MY SON WON'T SIT STILL. He needs to move his body. Asking him to pay attention while sitting quietly and reverently is almost painful for him (except at church). OK, not painful, but near impossible. And then....he acts bored. He starts saying "no" and "I don't know" even though he can and we are doing something really fun that he should say "yes" to. 

Today, I had a brilliant idea (it happens once in awhile). He was matching the names of colors. He was starting to wiggle and starting to look bored. I said "run around the couch." "Run back the other way." I high fived him every time he went around.  Then I handed him another name; he matched it quickly and then stared at me with his perfect grin.  I told him to run again. He ran,  high fived and went back the other way.  Matched quickly again and kept going.  He finished quickly and asked before we went up for his nap when he would get do it again. Success.

I need reminders. My son needs to move his body. He focuses better with an outlet for his energy. He needs to sing,  dance, pretend, imagine, jump. This does not mean anything is wrong with him.

On the contrary: he is interesting, lively, lovely, entertaining, energetic, dramatic, caring and smart. He has eyes you can't lie to. And ears you can't lie to. He remembers everything. 

My son won't sit still for nomenclature cards. But if he's running, he'll do them faster than me!

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