Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preschool at Home

I need to come up with a new term.  Rico isn't doing preschool, because we don't plan to send him to a school.  So, do I just say homeschool? 

Anyway, we started homeschooling in September.  I got excited about it because Adrienne mentioned she was going to start and I realized I wanted to be in the habit before the baby came.  This turned out to be a smart move.  Although we are taking things slowly since Little Miss was born, Rico is constantly asking if we will be doing school.  It's nice that he WANTS to do school and he is also always asking what we will be learning next.  

So far we have learned (and I do me we because I have re-learned almost everything besides the name of the Earth... Ok, slight exaggeration,  but only slight):
The continents, the oceans,  land vs water, vegetation - trees-shrubs-flowers, people of different cultures including - Guatemala - France - Australia, rockets, satellites, planets, stars, sun/time, moon and now we are on the human body and we are starting with our bones. 

Keep in mind,  he is only three and a half and the lessons can only be so deep.   Right now he loves memorization games/songs and he loves pictures and art.  He also loves sensorial activities. 

With a new baby,  there is only so much I can handle and at this stage her needs change quickly every day so our main focus is bonding and taking care of her. 

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