Friday, February 8, 2013

What's Your Herb?

I think that everyone (probably) has a "sister/brother" herb.  What I mean is this:  that there is an herb that was meant for your body.  Maybe it "speaks" to you in a way. 

I don't hear my herbs talking to me.  But I do feel a closeness/greater appreciation for a few herbs in particular.  Comfrey, yarrow, mint but my favorite by far is red raspberry leaf.

This is a wonderful woman's herb.  It tones the uterus, helps to regulate hormones, cleans your blood, is anti-viral and anti-bacterial, and prepares your body for a baby.  I have also read that it can help prevent miscarriage and prepare your body to get pregnant.  It gives menstrual support and also helps with menstrual cramps.  It gives the body much needed iron (in the assimilable form).  It also has a lot of calcium.  It tastes almost exactly like black tea.  This could be part of the reason that I love it SO MUCH.  Since joining the church I haven't had any tea, but once I tasted real raspberry leaf tea, I haven't gone back.  I drink about a quart a day during pregnancy.  And I try to drink a couple of quarts per week while not pregnant to support my milk supply but also just to give myself extra help.  This tea has also been said to help with stretch marks.  My boys drink this early on in life (about a year old) and love to drink this tea.  I think because it is stronger than other herbs (chamomile, etc) the other teas are even easier for them to like.  Please do not confuse raspberry leaf tea with raspberry zinger tea.  NOT the same thing. 

This is not just a woman's herb!  It can help regulate men's hormones.  You read that right!  It also helps during colds and flus.  When you are sick and don't want to eat, go on a raspberry tea "diet" and your cold (I believe) will be shortened dramatically.  Upset stomach?  Raspberry tea.  Canker sores?  Raspberry tea.  Morning Sickness?  Raspberry tea.  Diahrrea?  Raspberry tea.  Inflammation? Raspberry tea.

Do you see where I'm going with this?  This herb is so incredible.  I have read that it can help expel mucus in respiratory illnesses.  Help fevers, sore goes on and on!

To deny that herbs and flowers are only for food or for looks is denying what Heavenly Father and Mother have given us on this earth.  I DO believe that the Lord has given us what we need to heal ourselves on the Earth.  (Yes, I do think the medical establishment was inspired in some procedures)  I think on the whole,  the Earth can more than provide for the health of our families. 

Do you feel like you have an herb that seems to "call" to you?  One that you use more than others?  Why?  If you don't know, I suggest praying.  Each time I need to use an herb, prayer seems to help me decide if I am choosing the correct herb.  And, hopefully this is obvious, I always re-read uses of the herbs before using them. 

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