Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Tiny Beach

The weather here has been gross.  I dislike extremes of weather.  40-80 degrees are about as extreme as I like things.  This summer, the weather has been H.O.T.  And now, there are fires. Usually we can see the foothills from our porch.  This has been our view, more or less, for a couple of weeks. 

Needless to say, we haven't ventured out in awhile.  We have tried one short walk and it was just too gross.  This morning I was tired of it and decided Rico needed a beach break.  A very tiny beach break.  He was given sand for his birthday and his great-grandparents brought him some shells (they live on the coast in Washington).  He has been very interested in hiding, things being hidden, animals hiding, Deddy get the picture.  I hid the shells in the sand for him to find and as he pulled them out we felt them, carefully, and he had his first lesson in smooth and bumpy textures.  He REALLY liked this activity.  After the shells were out I let him work on his own. 

It wouldn't be the beach without "iced tea"...raspberry leaf tea!

Like the outfit?  He picks them himself!

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